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About Malehlohonolo Tshidi Mbonani

Malehlohonolo Tshidi Mbonani
Malehlohonolo Tshidi Mbonani is a qualified podiatrist with a B-tech degree obtained from the University of Johannesburg.

She has since then been extensively involved in general podiatric care, management of diabetic foot complications, wound care and podo-paediatric to name a few.

With experience in lecturing she does continue playing a big part in imparting knowledge by playing a role in the training of final year podiatry students at one of the biggest hospitals in johannesburg. She continues to work as a trainer in advanced wound care in the private and public sector and as well as a training facilitator of courses tailor made for other podiatrists..

Her approach to her work is tailor made for each patient as each patient is unique and she believes in patient centered approach that is holistic.

Our Services

Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes foot care

Diabetes is a burden globally and with an increase in disease burden there is also an increase in its complication. The role of podiatry in the management of patients that are diabetic aims at preventing diabetic foot complications from reducing the quality of a person’s life doing the following but not limited to:

  • Annual diabetic foot assessment
  • Advanced Wound care
  • Multidisciplinary team management
  • General podiatric care
  • Foot wear and foot care advice and education

Your child and their feet

Your child and their feet

Foot and lower limb problems are common in children and should be recognized and managed as soon as they are identified in order to prevent further complications later in life. It is a good idea to have your child’s feet assess and evaluated once a year.What to look out for is the following:

  • Intoeing or outgoing gait
  • Infections of the skin and nail
  • Ingrowing toe nails
  • Knock knees (genuvalgum)
  • Bow legs (genuvarum)
  • Digital deformities
  • Foot pain and limping

General podiatric foot care

General podiatric foot care

Management of general foot ailments/problems such as ingrowing toe nails, corns and calluses, peripheral neuropathy, infections affecting the foot on skin or nail. General foot pain and any other concerns regarding the foot. We offer chronic disease support as part of our management. Part of management may also include minor nail procedures.

Sports medicine

Sports medicine

This part of podiatry involves the assessment, diagnoses and management that involves athletes eg. Runners, dancers people involved in different types of sports. Foot function is assessed and it is established how does it affect the general wellbeing and a management program is developed and implemented for the patient.

Traumatic injuries to the foot and ankle

Traumatic injuries to the foot and ankle

Injuries caused by wear and tear as well as too much too soon tension and pressure. These injuries involve tendons and bones eg. Ankle sprains, tendinosis and/or tendinitis.

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